We recommend neutering any dogs or cats not intended for breeding use. This prevents unwanted litters but, in addition, reduces undesirable behaviour (due to hormonal influence), stops the mess of bitches in season and reduces the risk of certain diseases, for instance: mammary or ovarian tumours and uterine diseases in females, and prostate disease, testicular tumours and some anal tumours in males.

We recommend that male dogs and cats, and female cats are neutered when they reach six months of age.  Traditionally female dogs are normally spayed three months after their first season but recent opinion is now to spay at 6 months, before the first season, as this more or less eliminates the risk of mammary tumours. However we advise that very large breeds are left until they are more mature before spaying. 
For more information and advice please ask one of our nurses or vets telephone 01291 672637.

We accept charity neutering vouchers to enable clients to bring their pets in for routine neutering. 

Please telephone our receptionists on 01291 672637 (Usk) or 01633 430053 (Caerleon) to book your appointment and find out more about eligibility or click on the links below:

Dogs Trust neutering

Cats Protection Gwent

Cats Protection Forest of Dean

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